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Catastrophic Risk

Anyone who watches the news is well aware of the devastation catastrophes like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods and fire can do to a community. As we’re watching the disaster unfold on our TV, we might think to ourselves subconsciously, if that were to happen to me I have home owners insurance and everything would be replaced just like new. Statistically diseases kill 100 times more Americans every year than all of the previously mentioned catastrophes combined, but they’re not covered under your home owner’s insurance policy.

At Champion Wealth Management it’s our goal to help you prepare for the unthinkable. What would happen to your family if you lost your life? What would happen if you were injured and couldn’t go back to work? How are you going to pay for assisted living when you get older and your body doesn’t work like it used to? The answers to these questions are just as devastating to you and your family’s financial future as a tornado or fire is to your property if you’re unprepared.

LPL Advice for Life
If your one of the millions of Americans who has already taken steps to prepare for the unthinkable and your family is covered, Good Job! It’s probably been several years since you’ve talked with anyone about your policy. Gather your policy information together along with a recent statement and contact our office for your complementary review. It’s as simple as clicking on the contact us link and filling in your contact information.

If your one of the thousands of people who hasn’t had the opportunity to prepare yourself and your family for the inevitable, now’s the time! After all, you wouldn’t have read this far unless you felt this was important. Don’t you think it makes more sense to click on the contact us link and fill in your contact information while you have the time and we’re here to help?