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Our Process

At Champion Wealth Management we use a six step financial planning process to establish a clear picture of your entire financial landscape to determine what can be accomplished together. This sounds easy enough, however uncovering the real reasons you want to build wealth and helping you articulate those thoughts with us can be a different story all together. For most people, money provides security and the freedom to make choices. For others, money is their source of power. After all, he who has the gold makes the rules. No matter which category you put yourself into, engaging in the financial planning process with us will help you improve upon potential areas of weakness in your current plan.

You’re invited to start the process in the comfort of your own home. Simply click on each of the first two steps and allow us to help you recall the financial aspects of your life. Print the documents in each of the links and do your best to fill out the forms with accurate information. You should bring your completed work with you to your appointment. Our team handles steps 3 & 4 by using state of the art technology and industry leading professionals. We meet again to discuss our recommendations in step 5 and receive your approval to move forward. Finally in step 6, we will meet continually to review your plan with you at least once a year.